Base Service

Our Most Basic Service

Hand wash/ power wash rinse to remove dirt in small exterior cracks and crevices as well as around emblems, and lights
Spray wax to protect and restore shine
Door jams cleaned
Tires Dressed

Exterior Trim Restored
Wheel Wells Cleaned
Wheel Detail
Interior/ Trunk Vac
Interior Wipe Down (Light Dusting)
Windows Interior/ Exterior - $100

Additional Services

Pick and Choose Which Services You Would Like To Add

Additional Services: Prices averaged for example, but will cover most situations. Prices will vary based on condition, and size of vehicle.

-Condition all leathers and plastics inside vehicle including dashboard, center console, door panels, trim around doors, all vents, buttons, and knobs brushed free of dust. (Does Not Include Leather Seat Conditioning) $40~
⁃ Spot Treatment of Carpets - $25~ (Few Random Spots)
⁃ Spot Treatment of Seats - $25~ (Few Random Spots)
⁃ Shampoo Seats Cloth - $20 per~ (Includes Stain Defender)
⁃ Clean and Condition Leather Seats -$20 per~ (Includes Leather Treatment)
⁃ Condition Leather Seats - $5 per (Does Not Include Leather Cleaning)
⁃ Shampoo Carpet - $75 ~ (Includes Stain Defender)
⁃ Shampoo Floor Mats Cloth or Clean Plastic all Weather Mats - $10 per~
⁃ Clean/ Condition Door Panels - $40~
⁃ Hand Wax - $50~
⁃ Clean/ Condition Engine Bay - $50~

⁃ Restore Headlights - $50
⁃ Paint Correction Stage 1

$500~ (Includes Hand Wax)

Even More Services

Haven't seen what you're exactly looking for??

Give us a call, or send us an e-mail if you have any questions regarding any of these services:
⁃ Interior Only Detail
⁃ Exterior Only Detail
⁃ Motorcycle, Boat, and RV Detailing
⁃ Commercial Accounts
⁃ Xzilon Paint Protection
⁃ Window Tinting
⁃ Ceramic Coating
⁃ Clay Bar Services
⁃ Paint Touch Up/ Scratch Removal
⁃ Mold Remediation
⁃ Foul Odor Removal
⁃ Steam Cleaning
⁃ Carpet Extraction
⁃ Water Spot Removal
⁃ Badge Removal
⁃  Pet Hair Removal

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