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Making Dreams Come True

Recently, I happened upon a video in which a car company I’m not the biggest fan of made me rethink my position on their products, and their vision. I know this may offend a few, but to be honest, Welp- I’m just not a huge fan of Mercedes Benz. At least their products didn’t suit my needs as a consumer. Meaning- although I love the exterior body lines and curves, the wide array of front end grilles, endless wheel options, and paint so satisfying to clean it ought to be a sin; seriously, when you’re drying a Benz just after washing it- silky smooth.. lol.. oh and let’s never forget their racing pedigree. I digress; my problem has always been with the interior department with plastic that looks like- well, let’s face it- shit., and the faulty electronics that seem to always fail, even more so as the price tag of said Benz goes up. Disclaimer- I am not a Benz owner, just my experience as the business owner of A & E Mobile Detailing LLC who talks to owners of these cars quite frequently. Also, yes I would buy a Benz; if I were to do so it would be either the GLK 350 or the S65 AMG. So I’m not bashing, just laying out my issues. REGARDLESS- In this video Mercedes got with the son of a mechanic to coordinate a drive in a Mercedes AMG GT R super car. The story becomes in my eyes - absolutely no pun intended- beautiful when we as viewers find out the Father (Bart) who is a mechanic, and owns his own shop, is also blind, and has never driven a car; his biggest life long dream- To drive a car by himself. Mercedes put both of these men; Father, and son behind the wheel of an amazingly sexy Hell Mango Green AMG GTR in the desert area of Alvord Lake, Oregon. A supremely endless flat space. “NO BOUNDARIES, NO SPEED LIMITS” mentions Mercedes in a letter to Bart. This video really touched me. First of all, I love driving anything from motorcycles to tractor trailers. It’s just a fun activity regardless of how you slice it, but this video isn’t about fun. This video is about making a dream accessible to a person who may not otherwise have a chance to experience it. This video is about passion. It reminded me of why I am passionate about driving, and why what we see with our eyes is only but a small part that makes driving what it is. There is something very soulful in driving, and Mercedes seems to have captured that very well here.

I would love to hear your opinion on this video! Also, is driving something you just do because you have to, or do you enjoy the experience of driving? Let us know here, and on our Facebook page.

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